Hello, Thank You For Visiting Harpermoto.com

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We are very happy to finally announce a website that should be much more user-friendly for everyone.

First let me say Thank you to those of you who have been patient and stuck with us, I really appreciate it. For those who may have gone to other shops due to the issues, I hope that you will find Harpermoto.com as the place to go for your parts once again.

As a lot of you know things have been a bit bumpy around here for the past couple of years since our site got hacked. But we are back. Rather than continue to piecemeal things together I just stopped and we build a new site for you. So I would like to show you around a little bit. We are pretty much the same format so things should be easy to find, but they are updated.

Above, you will find the parts lookup for each individual machine sorted first by year, then model, then parts category. Using this tool is the best way to make sure you order the right part for your motorcycle. To the left, you will find basic category search to randomly shop our inventory. And below you will find our accessories listed by machine type.

Please enjoy the new site as it was designed for you the Moto Guzzi enthusiast. But also please keep in mind we are rebuilding from some data that was really hammered in a big high side get-off. So if you have questions, or see something that is just way out of whack price-wise, please don't scoff and call me crazy. It may very well be a mistake that can be fixed and adjusted. Drop me a note or a call and we'll have a look. Also we are trying to get with current times and have accurate inventory counts attached to each part. I hired someone this winter to go thru ever box and count parts. I fully expect to still have some issues but that will be a work in progress as they say.

In the coming months, we will have all of the PDF files, Instructions sheets, and such back as well.

In the meantime, as always, you can call 816.697.3411 and place your order via phone. Thank you , Curtis Harper

Hello and thank you for Visiting Harpermoto.comAs always, you can call 816.697.3411 and place your order via phone.Thank you , Curtis Harper