Moto Guzzi Service

Parts Rebuilding Service

Engine, Transmission and Rear Drive Rebuilds

Engine, Transmission and Rear Drive Rebuilds

Harper's has the experience to take care of all rebuilds on your vintage Moto Guzzi. Most commonly we do rear drive and transmission rebuilds but we do everything from brake componenets to complete engines. Our Shop rate is $120 per hour. Below is not a 'Flat Rate" chart but a pretty normal time rate for this type of work. So you will know what most rebuilds will cost Keep in mind that many parts have extenuating problems such as stripped threads, previous repair gone wrong, etc so those are evaluated per job. 

- Rear drive unit most commonly take 2 - 2.5 hours 

- 4 and 5 speed transmissions 4- 4.5 hours

- Heads 1 hour each

- Carbs 1 hour each

- Master Cylinders and Calipers 30 minutes 

Starter and Generator Rebuilding

Starter and Generator Rebuilding

When your starter or generator goes on the fritz it can be an expensive experience if you don't know where to go. Our people are specialists in Bosch and Magnetti Marelli repairs and rebuilds.

Quality repairs at the lowest possible cost is our objective. Usually a starter or generator can be repaired inexpensively if the armature or field coils are not burnt or the item has not been damaged by external forces.

Repair costs vary from unit to unit, but generally if the repair costs exceed $150.00, we will stop and contact you for authorization to proceed. This amount is usually the most charged unless the armature, field coils or solenoid have to be replaced.

The new Valeo starter will work on the Eldorado and all Bosh systems. Will not work on Marelli systems. New Valeo starter without exchange is $249.26. Freight will be added at time of shipment.

Nikasil Electroplating Now Available from Harper's!Better than Relining.

Moisture will collect under the chrome inside the cylinder on a Moto Guzzi that has set for a long period of time. this will cause the chrome on the cylinder to blister and peel.
Why have your cylinders Nikasiled? You get much better results than with the steel sleeves. Nikasil dissipates heat much more efficiently than steel. The cylinder walls are treated with the special Nikasil electroplating. Nikasil coated cylinders have a hardend surface that cannot peel and is more wear resistant than the steel sleeves.

Although the Nikasil process is expensive, the resulting increase in the cylinders life span, performance and reliability more than offset the cost.

We will bore the cylinders to fit your pistons or to new pistons.
Note: This process uses the same rings and pistons as OEM cylinders. No special parts needed.  Turn around time about 14 to 21 days.

Moto Guzzi Restoration

Here at Harpers we do a full line of restoration. From getting your bike just back on the road or restoring your bike to a like new Guzzi. Give us a call to schedule a time to bring your Guzzi to us.